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Disable directory indexes server wide via WHM -
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Disable directory indexes server wide via WHM

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Apache's DirectoryIndexes value is turned on server wide by default. This allows the files in a folder to be viewed via a directory index when there is no index file present in that directory for all sites hosted on server. A big security and privacy issue for content in directories. How we can hide content listing easily in WHM?
asked Jul 7, 2014 by papu

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You can disable Apache's DirectoryIndex setting server wide on your server by following steps. This can help increase security by ensuring a directory that doesn't include an index file isn't exposing any other possibly sensitive files.

  1. Log into WHM as root / super user
  2. In the top-left Find box enter in Apache, then click on Apache Configuration.
  3. Click on Global Configuration.
  4. Scroll down to the Directory "/" Options section, then un-check Indexes.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save.
  6. Finally click on Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache, Apache can take up to a few minutes to rebuild and during this time your websites won't respond to requests.
  7. You should see that Apache was successfully restarted now.
  8. Now when you try to browse to a directory that doesn't have an index file, you'll receive an error instead of a directory listing.
  9. directory-listing-off-example


answered Jul 7, 2014 by admin
selected Jul 7, 2014 by papu