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Disable directory indexes / browsing / listing in CPanel -
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Disable directory indexes / browsing / listing in CPanel

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While accessing my website visitor always redirect to index page but if the index page does not exist in a directory, server shows the list of files and directories. I want to turn off the directory browsing for security reasons. 

asked Jul 7, 2014 by papu

1 Answer

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This is really simple to avoid your web content to being display overall.Directory browsing can easily be disable through .htaccess but i feel easiest to do it from cpanel.

  • Login to your CPanel
  • Click on Index Manager
  • Select the website/sub domain you want to disable director listing for
  • Select public_html from the list of folders
  • Next click on ‘no indexing’ and click Save
  • Now directory browsing should be disableddisbale directory browsing


answered Jul 7, 2014 by admin